Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Nektar 2017

There is a New Neal Beard and his Machines track included on the new NEKTAR compilation HERE...

(If you want to go straight there, it's track 56)

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Black Moon Compilation

Hey everyone, there's a  new Neal Beard and his Machines track included on this 'Black Moon' compilation...

Saturday, 30 April 2016

Midiwidget syncs Bent Beats

An experiment using my Midiwidget to trigger and sync bent gear, made entirely with circuit bent gear.

For the percussive elements I used a circuit bent Tr505 and Hot Music drum toy. The Midiwidget also triggers a home made Lo-fi sampler which is CV controlled through a Belcat analog delay with a Doepfer A101.9 Universal Vactrol Module.

Square wave broken chords from a Gameboy runnning LSDJ.

Reverb is from ehx holy grail.

Only 3 mins long coz thats about all my ears could stand!

Thanks for listening/looking...

The Midiwidget with 8x RCA cables running out to various devices.

Circuit Bent Toys rehoused in black boxes and the Belcat Delay. 

The bent Tr505. The Midiwidget turns on and off bends between points on its ROM chip.

The Hot Music drum toy which I had to re-house to fit all the connections I wanted. It features dirty kick, snare and ride samples with lots of aliasing...

Midiwidget (still!) in Progress

I still haven't finished my midiwidget build, mainly because I've been using it so much in my music, but here's how it's looking at the moment...

I decided to go for a sandwich type enclosure so the USB connection is easily accessible.

The 3.5 jacks are 8xgate outs for my eurorack. The rca's are coto reed switches which I  use for triggering my circuit bent gear, although they could switch anything.

I'm still undecided what to use the remaining 8x gates for. I think I might create a split board with 4x eurorack gates and 4x solenoid triggers as I loved John's demo here and have always wanted to try making some music in this way.

I also need to wire up the midi sockets and battery power- but like I said I'm having too much fun with it right now!

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

EHX Memory Man with Hazari Mods

After taking advice from the fab Casper Electronics and Dance Robot Dance I followed their lead and also modded my EHX Memory Man to receive clock in sync– a really easy and fun bit of synth DIY!

The filter and in/out switch means I can also use long gates to loop in sync too... so my one of may favourite fx pedals just got even better... :)

Sound demo here... (at 1 min 30 the syncopated fun really begins!)

And if you're interested in doing the same there's a thread on Muffwiggler here...

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Doepfer a155 sequencing drum toy

Lately I've been experimenting with reed relays sequencing my circuit bent gear. Using Coto 9007-05-01 relays I've found the gate of most Eurorack modules is enough to switch them, so no extra power source is needed for this use.

Here's a film of my doepfer a155 sequencing a bent drum toy. As you can see I've also added pitch/clock adjustment pot. The next job will be to add a jack in parallel so I can control it with my doepfer a101.9- then I'll have pitch AND gate sequencing ;)

After more breadboard experiments I made up this 4xgate to switch box. Tracks to follow soon...